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Ways to Motivate Freelancers When Feeling Low
Start freelancing: a step by step useful guide
Become a Reliable Freelancer: Deliver Work on Time (Every Time)
Top Economic Trends that Affect Freelancers
Simple Strategies to Increase Productivity
Tips On How to Outsource Freelance Project
How to Create a Good Working Environment for Freelancers
How to Handle These Four Clients Like a Pro Freelancer
Freelancers Brainstorming Guidelines
Top Freelance Blogger Qualities

Ways to Motivate Freelancers When Feeling Low

Most freelancers work on their own and because of this, self-discipline and motivation can be a challenge in the long run. One must also be flexible to adapt to the dynamic online environment. It’s not surprising even for freelancers who have excellent work-life balance to feel depressed from time to time. Here are some tips to help you get through the low times:


Remember Why You Decided to Freelance
Look back to the times when you were stuck in an office doing work you were forced to do. Take time to breathe and compare – is your life better now than before? Keep in mind that sooner or later your hard work will pay off. Accept the reality that how much you obtain is totally driven by the amount of hard work and time you spent. Great productivity is the reason why freelancers become successful.

Fanning the Flame
Love your work and make it your passion. It’s not going to be a walk in the park every single day but as long as you enjoy what you do and you find self-fulfillment in it, success will soon follow.

Freelance to Your Advantage
The good thing about being a freelancer is that it enables you to make your call and manage your own time without supervision. Go on a working vacation or change your schedule to keep a fresh state of mind. Meet up with other freelancers or strike an interesting conversation online. Freelancing offers a lot of advantages, it’s up to you to appreciate it.

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Start freelancing: a step by step useful guide

Whether you got a steady job and feel tired of it or want to join the freelance community in these recession times… here’s how to be your own boss and work from home.

For companies, freelance providers cost less than full-time employees. While the crisis wave is still here and many employees have been made redundant in the past years, lots of contractors are now creating opportunities for freelancers when it comes to outsourcing. If you got a steady job, but some itch is telling you won’t keep it for long, freelancing is the right way to diversify and not depend on the single paycheck. A few tips will put you on the right track to start:

Be your own salesperson:
As a freelancer, selling your services means selling your own person. Remember that you will be now both in real life and online and running your own business. It may be hard for some of us, but it will pay at last as you get more confident once you start getting those contracts signed. To start, do some benchmarking with other freelancers on the same branch as yours and get your act together: a website, business cards, CV, a list of the projects you’ve worked on and good testimonials on your skills (referrals from satisfied customers are the best hook!).

Think of your achievements:
Both past and future. Looking for prospects is like looking for a job: everything must fit in the picture, your personality, your knowledge, your experience and your referrals. You need to be confident and get the act straight when it comes to explaining what you did, what you’re working on now and what you hope to achieve. Think about how you can make the difference from other candidates, in what you are good at in your life. This will make you feel positive in all occasions; quite often solutions come from areas of our personality that have little or nothing to do with our careers. And always keep your priorities in mind or, better, jot them down and have them with you when offering your services.

Do a checklist of your contacts:
Ex-colleagues, acquaintances, friends and family… they’re all welcome here. Start spreading the word that you’re offering your services, the broader the scope, the better; you’ll end up with a large audience.

Advertise your services:
Get hold of all the websites that go right up your professional alley. This is done by checking the number of assignments or offers they post every day or week.

Give a price to your services:
A delicate issue, especially for beginners. Look at hourly/day rates given by other freelancers and set yourself from there. Do not over or underestimate your working hours but keep in mind just how much your job is worth and the “extra” hours you’re not counting when invoicing (the ones spent on administrative tasks). In other words, be both realistic and confident. Experience will soon show you the kind of clients you’re dealing with and the contracts that may be worth taking. One good tip for quick payment: invoice as soon as you have finished the assignment.

Consider freelancing as a 9 to 5 job:
When working from home and being our own bosses, we have a tendency to let loose, to accommodate working hours to our lifestyles. This is fantastic but does not overestimate freedom and stick to a schedule, flexible all right, but a work routine at last. This will avoid last minute rushes and bad experiences. Remember: time is nonrenewable resource.

Stop wondering what you should do and do:
Nothing original but effective for sure. Do not waste time wondering how you feel about doing this or that chore and just do it. You’ll most probably feel a strong push of energy, a sudden will to accomplish the task and much better afterwards!

Do something challenging every day:
Another good tip for life in general; those butterflies in the stomach that make you feel uneasy will be the ones that’ll pull you up. A remedy for boredom plus a strong antidote against that lack of confidence that hides behind the door.

Become a Reliable Freelancer: Deliver Work on Time (Every Time)

Reliability is one of the most significant characteristics a freelancer must have. If you are keen enough in getting more gigs, delivering them and increasing your freelancing rates, you must have the drive to over-deliver and under-promise on a regular basis. Get started by following some of the steps below:

Determine a Deadline
It is important to determine deadlines ahead of time so that you and your clients will know when to finish the tasks. Keep a calendar or sign up for a project management software to monitor your activities and predict an accurate project timeline.

Organize your Work
There are many ways to organize your work. It does not matter if you use an online tool or a handwritten notepad. What matters most is creating a system that works for you and making use of it to manage your work effectively.

Never Miss a Deadline Unless There’s a Very Good Reason
Missing a deadline is never good. Always work ahead and never let things pile up. Give yourself a proper breathing space and do not let yourself be pressured. In any case that you are not able to deliver – be honest and inform your clients ahead of time so that they can prepare a plan B.

Make it your goal to never miss a deadline!

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Top Economic Trends that Affect Freelancers

Financial crisis has a huge effect not just on companies but also on individuals. Many companies encounter hurdles in their business growth. People lose their jobs and individual basic needs go higher in price. Below are top economic trends that each freelancer must be aware of:

More Freelancers
The number of active freelancers has significantly grown over the years. People who lost their jobs and newly graduates who had not yet found a job contribute to this thriving number. And due to the present economy, a huge number of new freelancers are being pushed by desperation. They are not properly ready to freelance, but they go for it because they think that this is their only option.

More Freelancing Gigs
Because of the high cost of operating a business, some companies tend to look into outsourcing instead of hiring local people to work at their office. They outsource work to transient workers including freelancers.

Prepared Freelancers Win
Freelancers who are driven to freelance are most likely to succeed. Some freelancers might get a few gigs, but if they do not deliver promptly, they will soon find themselves losing more contract. A trustworthy freelancer has great worth to the company they work with.

There Are No Guarantees
Everybody in business has to be aware of economic factors that might affect their industry. Having a freelance business is much more secure rather than traditional employment because you are not limited to a single entity to generate profit. Freelancing also offers more opportunities in the international market.

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Simple Strategies to Increase Productivity

As a freelancer, being productive is an important challenge for you to face and overcome. It is quite difficult especially when there is no one monitoring your daily activity. Only you have to answer to your question as to if goals are achieved or clients are won over. And so, when your productivity declines, no one can be blamed but yourself. Below are some simple strategies to follow to increase your productivity.


Determine your business priorities
Figure out the priorities in your business and make sure that they are in-line to your business goals, strategies, and plans. This includes comprehensive task evaluation.

Make no more than 5 “must-do” tasks for the day
The more you accomplish, the more motivated you will be. Motivation serves as a major component of your success, particularly if you work as a freelancer.

Prepare tasks for the next day at the END of the current day
Preparing tasks ahead of time is an efficient way to have a good workflow. Creating a plan at the end of the day is an ideal practice to ensure that you are performing your work effectively.

Block time for visioning
Block out the time at least once a week to check out what you have accomplished so far. Take a look at how your everyday task contributes to boosting your goals and your vision for your business. This is another good motivation to discover more opportunities and perspectives for elevating business.

We challenge you to incorporate these simple steps in your freelance activities. Let us know in the comments if it helps!

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Tips On How to Outsource Freelance Project

Getting a huge project is a good news. The problem with this is the fact that it is just too huge that you cannot do it by yourself. As a freelancer, you can do outsource and delegate tasks to meet deadlines and lessen your workload. Below are some of the tips on how to outsource a freelance project.
Have an Agreement
Having a client-freelancer agreement is a must to keep all parties’ best interest. Having this ensures that everyone are aware and liable to the project conditions and terms.
Be a Good Customer
Treat your freelancer the way you want to be treated by your clients. Keep an open line of communication, pay on time and provide feedback when necessary.
Communicate Clearly
Miscommunication with clients is one of the main barriers that most freelancers face. So, constant communication is very important especially when you try to subcontract your work to another freelancer.
Let the Client Know
A good working relationship is essential in order to produce better outcome. You can gain other people’s trust by delivering what you promise. You can be upfront with your client and let them know that you need extra help. Take full accountability and be confident that you will stay on top of things.
Make Use of Appropriate Tools
Generally, there are lots of tools available. All you need to do is to determine which tools are the best fit for your project and see to it that you use them properly and appropriately.
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How to Create a Good Working Environment for Freelancers

Apart from being comfortable with the job itself, one factor that greatly affects how workers feel about their everyday tasks is their work environment. A working environment consists of co-workers and supervisors, organizational culture, room for personal development and many others. Having a comfortable working relationship makes freelancers feel good about doing their work, and this gives the drive and motivation. Below are some ways to create a good working environment:


Clear and Open Communication
A clear and open type of communication values freelancers’ opinions and make them feel that what they need to say is worth hearing. It is the thing that makes workers believe that they fit in within the team. Work becomes significant considering that freelancers understand that whatever they contribute creates a positive change in the business that they’re connected to.

Work and Life Balance
There must be some kind of balance between work and private life. As a whole, obtaining that feeling of balance will get better job contentment among freelancers since they will feel that they are not ignoring one other aspect of their lives.

Acknowledgment from Superiors
Aside from having some sort of rewards or positive feedback to merit those who perform well in their daily responsibilities, a simple “Thank You” can be a great way of recognizing your freelancer’s efforts. Provide regular feedback and constructive criticisms.

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How to Handle These Four Clients Like a Pro Freelancer

Maintaining a smooth freelancer-client working relationship is a challenging thing. Remember that every client has different demands. As a freelancer, you need to overlook personal barriers and discover how to communicate effectively. Here are four common types of clients and tips on how to interact with each one:

The Inquisitive
Inquisitive clients can be a headache to deal with. This kind of client has a lot of questions and wants to be updated more often than usual. You should have to set a fixed time when conducting meetings with them. This will make it easy for both of you to concentrate on the work at hand. These clients are usually hyperactive, very friendly, and very talkative.

The Technically Challenged
The technically challenged client may have little to no idea about your work. They may have a lot of questions and while you need to educate them in layman’s terms about your project they need to be assured that they are handled fairly. To work with this kind of client, you should work out a detailed agreement for them to feel secure. Reference past projects as much as possible.

The Cheapskate
The cheapskates are the most common in today’s marketplace. Cheapskate clients are usually tight on funds and are ready to compromise time in exchange for a lower price. This client wants the product to work. You may keep them on low priority as long as you can get the job done and meet the deadline.

The Sprinter
Sprinters are usually forced to meet a deadline. They are time conscious and very strict when it comes to reliability. For them – time is of the essence. They are hardworking and because of this, they expect that people around them will behave the same way. Working with this kind of client, you should follow the basic rules of productivity: be focused, steer away from distractions and be organized.

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Freelancers Brainstorming Guidelines

It’s important for freelancers who are in the creative field to come up with new ideas from time to time. Brainstorming is one of the means to come up with unique and effective ideas. It helps freelancers to achieve optimum results in everyday tasks. Below are some steps to help you improve your brainstorming sessions:


Keep an Inspiration Board
Create a board with images, files, articles and quotes that inspire you. Keeping yourself inspired is a great way to start your brainstorming activity.

Problem Solving
Ask yourself, what problems need to be solved for the clients. If you are able to determine the true problems that your client is facing, your odds of solving more than one of the problems get better.

Educate Someone
There is a wide market for training. If you think that you are an expert at something, think about sharing your knowledge and start a training class.

Be comfortable
If you’re imaginative when it is quiet, then create a quiet environment. Find out when you are at your most creative and stick to activities which stir your creativity.

Reduce interruptions
Select a spot in which you are least likely to get interrupted. Interruptions can hinder one’s creativity.

Time yourself
Look for ideas you can come up with in an hour or two. Timing your training can help you keep focused.

Let us know in the comments which of the above tips work for you and feel free to share with us your own brainstorming tricks.

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Top Freelance Blogger Qualities

A good blogger must also be a good writer and good writers come with varying levels of competence. To be a good writer, one must possess these qualities below:

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Effective Writing Skills
It is normal for freelance writers to commit technical mistakes in writing but one should be able to convey the message in the most effective and compelling manner. Effective writing skill is a requirement to earn your keep as a freelance writer. The better writer you are, the greater your value to clients.

Focus to Details
A good writer must also be a good editor and this is where a keen eye to details comes in handy. You must also be able to follow specific instructions coming from the client.

Specializing is the best way to boost your rate as a freelance blogger. Specializing helps you write about your subject of expertise promptly and effectively. And, it elevates your sensed value and opens you to an environment of clients who only work with writers that understand what they are dealing with. Establishing your expertise is a very important factor – the more you write, the greater amount of experience you will get which in turn will translate into higher rates.

Express your thoughts and ideas with confidence. While it’s normal for freelancers who lack experience to be self-conscious, try this commonly known trick – fake it ’til you make it. Eventually, the act of faking confidence and the positive responses you will receive as an outcome will become true confidence.

It is your duty as a freelance blogger to provide a solution instead of a problem. Underpromise when it comes to the amount of time needed to the get work done. A quicker deadline may delight your client, but a lot more problems may arise in the event that you fail to deliver. Set internal deadlines.

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