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Healthy Freelancer: Apps to Explore
Top Freelance Services You Should Provide
3 Ways Social Media can Help Freelancers
Top Project Management Applications for Freelancers
Top 6 Reasons why People Turn to Freelancing
Top 3 Reasons Why People Love Freelance Work
How to Increase Freelance Productivity in 2015
How to Promote your Freelance Services
What Happens on the Web every Minute
Guide to Working with a Virtual Assistant

Healthy Freelancer: Apps to Explore

The health of a growing freelance business is top of the list in an entrepreneur’s mind. You spend considerable time and money making sure everything is on track for the strongest growth and longevity; the right software programs, tech gadgets, marketing and employees.

There is one thing often neglected with all this attention firmly on business: your own health.

The combination of long hours at your computer desk, working through lunch or just grabbing an unhealthy snack and the added stress of starting your own business can lead to some horrible health problems if you’re not careful.

Consider getting one of these helpful apps that can make staying fit a high-tech and important part of your work day. When you make your workouts, diet choices and habits more streamlined, you have more time and energy to work as well.


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Bike Brain

Enjoy cycling? This iPhone app works with your phone’s GPS system to map out the best routes. It also includes a heart rate monitor to ensure you are getting a great work out.

Breathe to relax

Whether you use an Android device, iPhone or iPad, this stress management app can help you take it easy during the workday so you don’t get overwhelmed by all the freelance business tasks that are on your shoulders. It was developed by the Department of Defense and helps you reduce stress, anger and anxiety with breathing exercises.

Healthy Out

A freelancer’s long work days can lead to a lot of takeout food and quick snack options at the desk. Get this iPhone, iPad or iPod app and find quick food choices that are nutritious and delicious. It can also help you create a set meal plan to maintain good health always.


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Top Freelance Services You Should Provide

There has never been a better time to become a freelancer. The opportunities are endless for those who has the will to make it in the modern world. Here are the top and in demand freelance services we recommend:

Content Marketing

Practically every report you read about content marketing in some way proves how it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Companies are investing in it like never before. Proof: Most companies are allocating their marketing budget to content marketing using a combination of in-house and outsourced content creation.

Search Engine Optimization

Clients are looking for freelaners who can not only produce results, but results that can help their website get higher SERP results. This means knowing about things like how to do keyword research, what long-tail keywords are, writing themed content and the impact Google algorithm changes have on search results.

Social Media Marketers

There is a lot going on in the social media world. And we mean A LOT. A minute alone can generate substantial engagement, traffic and results based on how good your social media marketing campaign is. Businesses are always in the look out for freelancers who can produce results and leads via social media.

3 Ways Social Media can Help Freelancers

While the use of different social media websites are becoming more and more rampant nowadays, some freelancers are still at a loss on how to better use it to promote their services. There’s more to social media than sharing selfies and gaining followers. The truth is social media is more than just social networking – it is also a very powerful business tool. Here are three ways on how freelancers can benefit from social media:

Build Service Awareness 

Some people perceive social media as an online popularity contest and that can be true to some extent but it really is a great avenue to introduce people to your services as a freelancer. Social media is used by two-thirds of a country’s population, making it the perfect channel to introduce your freelance services to potential clients. According to recent studies, 78 percent of small businesses attract new customers through social media. With the right strategy, the same can be true for you.

Land More Contracts  

At the end of the day, freelancers want to land more contracts. Just by building service awareness, freelancers are opening up more chances of landing contracts at reduced costs! Freelancers can post direct links to specific services or build lead generation lists. Hashtags are also very useful when targeting particular audiences. Social networks can tell you a lot about your market’s demographics and interests making it helpful to close more deals.

Promote Client Engagement

Social media generates all kinds of social engagement every second and it gives you a window of opportunity to mingle with your clients online. There are so many ways to do it including leaving positive comments and expert tips to build rapport. The possibilities are endless.

Bottomline is, social media is a must for every freelancer to remain competitive in today’s digital age. Don’t forget to connect with us on our social media channels: Facebook and Twitter. 

Top Project Management Applications for Freelancers

Freelancers are not just freelancers.

We are business owners and more often than not we are also the marketing expert, accountant, quality assurance specialist – in short, we wear many hats in order to sustain our freelance business.

With that in mind, having a project management tool is a must for our day to day life. Here is a list of project management tools that can help you and your team manage workflows and clients.


Asana is a project management platform wherein all your project data is held in one place. No need to toggle screens and search for email threads. With Asana, you can easily track your project’s progress. Your team members can also leave comments with their assigned tasks. It offers free membership which lets you access basic features.


Basecamp is where you can create a new project and invite people to accept membership and view the pages. Here, you can introduce your project using the welcome section. From there, any of the invitees can leave comments or updates for you. You can create new tasks, upload calendar events and ask feedback! Basecamp has a unique dashboard to use when managing projects. New members get two months free.  After which their plans begin at $20 per month and go up based on what features you’d like and how much storage space you need.


Trello works just like Pinterest – it’s an online pin board of tasks. You create lists on cards and organize them accordingly. You can create to-do lists on each card and store all important information at the back of the cards. Trello is completely free and works for everyone who likes to pin.

Top 6 Reasons why People Turn to Freelancing

Working online as a freelancer can be a very lucrative career but it’s not for everyone. Some freelancers may have only stumbled upon freelancing by accident but most make a conscious and well-informed decision before switching to the freelance life.

This infographic from 199jobs shows us the top six reasons why people turn to freelancing.



Top 3 Reasons Why People Love Freelance Work

Are you planning to quit your day job and enter the world of freelancing? Before taking any action, you should think first and decide if it is really for you. Freelancing has a lot of advantages. However, it has some disadvantages as well. Before quitting your office job, make sure that freelancing fits your lifestyle.



love freelancing

Here are some of the main reasons why people love to go freelance.


If you want to work from home or anywhere you want, freelancing might be perfect for you. As a freelancer, you can work from home or anywhere you want as long as you have access to a computer and reliable internet access.

Flexible schedule

Most freelancers have freedom in choosing their work schedules. It is up to you if you want to work in the morning or at night. In this case, choose a schedule when you are most productive. This is one of the freelancing perks that work-at-home parents really love. By having a flexible work schedule, you can easily balance your career and personal life.

Freedom in choosing projects

Are you sick and tired of working on tasks that you do not like? No worries. In the world of freelancing, people are free to choose the projects that they want to work on. If you have a lot of skills, you can get different kinds of projects and get paid more. You also have the freedom to grab as many projects as you want.

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How to Increase Freelance Productivity in 2015



Productivity is smart planning mixed with focused efforts.  Staying productive while working at home especially with all the distractions can be a challenge. There are times when odds are that you are not satisfied with what you have accomplished.  Productivity can always be improved. Here are three tips for freelancers to increase productivity this year:

Attend as many training sessions as you can.
Information is very valuable. As a new freelancer, you will need all the training that you can possibly absorb to learn from the experiences of successful businessmen. And even when you become an old-timer yourself in the field, you still need to learn new ways to make your products more interesting than what your new competitors have to offer.

Do not forget to take down notes.
You cannot remember everything. Make it a habit to write or type down even the smallest detail from your business deals. It would be embarrassing if you have to ask a client what he requested for from your previous rendezvous just because you forgot to jot it down.

Join the social media craze.
Create accounts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, online group forums, and other forms of social media. Link them to your official company website for maximum exposure.

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How to Promote your Freelance Services

As the number of freelancers increase, it gets harder and harder to be noticed in the vast pool that is the Internet. Blogs, social media, and personal websites are all great tools for self-promotion. But how do you maximize your exposure on the Internet? Read on for more information.

Ask Yourself A Lot Of Questions

In the wonderful world of freelancing, questions are important. Who are the people I want to attract to my page? What does my chosen social platform say about me? What does the color of my website put across? Should I publish my freelancing rates along with the services I offer? These are all great questions to ask.

Presentation is Key

Constantly updating your “look” keeps the readers guessing. If you have blogs but don’t update them regularly, people won’t visit them. Also, less is definitely more. Don’t overdo both the content and design. And make use of videos, photos and slideshows to keep your readers glued.

Keep Things Easy

Make sure you are easily accessible by your chosen audience. Regularly reply to other people’s comments, don’t be afraid to put your contact details, and don’t appear snobby or what-have-you so as not to offend potential clients.

What Happens on the Web every Minute

The internet is brimming with all kinds of activities – whether it be in social media, e-learning or job hunting. It is safe to say that in our times – data never sleeps.

Do you know that Facebook alone alone handles 2,460,000 posts per minute while Twitter sends out 277,000 tweets in that same 60 seconds? This infographic from Domo will make you realize how every second in the digital world counts and how powerful every minute is for freelancers like us.



Guide to Working with a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have become an integral part of every digital business’ success. From working on marketing materials to conducting intensive online research – a competent virtual assistant can become an important asset for your company’s day to day operations. Here is an infographic courtesy of on working with a virtual assistant.


Working with a Virtual Assistant

Guide to Working with a Virtual Assistant

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